The reason for the breakdown of the strings that ruled the hearts came to light


90’s favorite pop and rock “Strings” band wiped out, sad fans. People born in the 90’s are now the young generation of Pakistan who, whether they remember anything else or not, must remember the songs of the strings band played on TV and radio in their childhood.

The pop and rock music band Strings was formed in 1988 and was announced to be dissolved on Thursday. Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia decided to dissolve the band which evoked the childhood memories of many generations of Pakistanis. Are What was special about this band was that where other bands of the time broke up for some reason, the Strings performed one popular song after another.

When this decision was made by Bilal Maqsood and Faisal Kapadia, the fans of this band were shocked and people expressed their views on social media as if a child gets angry when a toy is broken. Because our childhood memories are connected with this band. All the fans who are saddened by the demise of this band have a different reason for depression as everyone has different favorite songs which remind them of their beautiful childhood.

Saying goodbye to fans, Strings said the last 33 years have been great for us and we are grateful to our fans for enabling us to do things that are rarely done. Bilal and Faisal have also said that this band is no more but the unbreakable bond between us will remain, no matter where life takes us.

The super hit duo of Faisal Kapadia and Bilal Maqsood was originally named Strings, who through their band played an important role in instilling interest in pop music in the younger generation in the 90’s.

The Strings have a long history of selling music audiocassettes when they began their careers, and since then the journey to digital music, which includes YouTube and Spotify, has seen the band reach new heights. has taken.

Remember that the first Pakistani song that aired on MTV was Strings’ “Sir Ke Yeh Pahar” and now he has several successful seasons of Coke Studio in his name as well as he has sung in three Bollywood movies. Thus, this Pakistani band is counted among those who have sung in Hollywood, Bollywood and Lollywood (Pakistan).

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