PM Imran Khan’s reply letter to Indian PM Narendra Modi

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Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan’s reply letter of thanks to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has responded to a letter from Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Pakistan Day a few days ago in which he stressed the importance of resolving the Kashmir dispute.

Government sources have confirmed the letter circulating on social media.

In the letter dated March 29, Imran Khan thanked the Indian Prime Minister for his letter and said that the people of Pakistan also wanted peaceful and cooperative relations with all its neighbors, including India.

Imran Khan-letter-to-Modi

Imran Khan further wrote that we believe that lasting peace and stability in South Asia is possible only by resolving all the pending disputes between India and Pakistan, especially the Jammu and Kashmir dispute.

He also expressed his best wishes for the efforts of the people of India against the global epidemic of COVID-19.

It may be recalled that on March 23, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while congratulating Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan on Pakistan Day, said that India, as a neighboring country.

Similarly, the President of India Ram Nath Kavand in a letter to the President of Pakistan Arif Alvi had congratulated him on the occasion of Pakistan Day.

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