Organizations instead of legislation, a shameful scandal in the history of the Australian Parliament


Allegations of sexual harassment, shameful acts and prostitution of women in the House were shocking.

Commonwealth Australia is a developed country of the world which is also the only continent. It is the sixth largest country in the world in terms of area, 13th in terms of economic growth and military superiority and tenth in terms of average per capita income. Holds position.

A country with a federal parliamentary system and strong democratic traditions, the country is going through a difficult time today, on the one hand it is facing the worst floods that have wreaked havoc in Sydney and its suburbs, and on the other hand the government Facing a shameful sex scandal.

Last month, Britney Huggins, a staff member of parliament and a member of the Liberal Party, made the gruesome revelation that she had been abused in March 2019 by a staff member at the Secretary of Defense’s office, and threatened to report to police. If given, he will have to wash his hands of the job.

Encouraged by Britney’s revelation, four more women repeated the same accusation, but then a storm broke out. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has come under fire for ordering an investigation into the incident.
A few days later, videos and photos of the heinous game being played in the corridors and offices of Parliament House began to leak one after another.

A staff member said that some male staff members of the parliament have set up a Facebook group on which videos and pictures of sexual activities at different times in the parliament are shared every day. A housebreaker broke down Lanka when he told the media that all sorts of vile and immoral activities were going on inside the esteemed House of Parliament.

Here prostitutes are invited from outside to pay their respects to the esteemed members of the Assembly and you and this confidant also revealed the secret that the offices of Parliament on the one hand turned the room reserved for worship inside this esteemed House into an adultery. Has been placed.

The images and videos were a slap in the face to the entire Australian nation, clearly showing a man standing in front of a woman’s seat in the same house masturbating in public. Protests broke out and people took to the streets.

The government is being called upon to take steps to end gender discrimination and make women’s workplaces safer. This is a glimpse of the most developed societies in the world which are called civilized societies and whose examples our intellectuals do not tire of giving and there is also a moment of concern for the women marching class in our country. Want freedom

This is the picture of the House which is called the Holy House. Even if the Parliament House is not safe for women, their honors are trampled by such powerful circles and how is it that the Holy House is being organized instead of legislating.

It has been proved that whether it is East or West, the attitudes towards women are the same. Women are considered as just a toy which is used to satisfy men’s sexual desires. For these lustful men, woman is just one sex
Seeing the trampling honors of women and girls in the upper house of a developed country like Australia, I have no hesitation in saying that we are a million times better than them.

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