NA-249: Important decision regarding PTI candidate Amjad Afridi, Shahzad Awan stood firm

Shehzad Awan-Amjad Afridi

An important meeting of party leaders was held to celebrate the angry MPA Malik Shehzad Awan in connection with the NA-249 by-election.

According to details, an important meeting was held in the federal capital Islamabad to appease the angry MPA in which Sindh Governor Imran Ismail and party officials met MPA Shehzad Awan. During the meeting, the party leaders listened to the grievances and concerns of Shahzad Awan.

Shehzad Awan also stood firm in the meeting and declared the nominee Amjad Afridi as a weak candidate on which the Governor of Sindh offered Malik Shehzad to lead the election campaign of NA-249. He rejected the offer, saying that if the candidate was Amjad Afridi, he would neither campaign nor lead.

Governor Sindh directed Malik Shehzad not to submit his resignation to the Speaker Sindh Assembly, to which he said that he would decide to submit his resignation after announcing the name of the final candidate.

On the other hand, PTI has made a final decision regarding NA-249 candidate Amjad Afridi. A meeting of the PTI’s review parliamentary board has decided to retain Amjad Afridi from NA-249 constituency.

On the other hand, Khurram Sherzaman said that the review committee has decided that the PTI candidate will be Amjad Afridi. Amjad Afridi secured most of the points, he is a local resident, has been associated with the party for 16 years.

It should be noted that Malik Shehzad Awan had resigned due to reservations over the NA-249 candidate.

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