Corona war intensifies in Punjab, emergency in Lahore hospitals


Corona cases are on the rise in Punjab, health emergency has been imposed in Lahore hospitals, but social distances in public places are also being ignored.

The number of cases of corona in Punjab has reached one thousand to twenty five hundred and then twenty seven hundred in one day. The death toll has also crossed the figure of four, five to thirty and now forty.

Two thousand three hundred and three cases were reported in Punjab in a single day, in which the highest number of 123 people fell victim to the virus in Lahore. At present, the rate of people infected with the virus in Lahore has reached 23%.

In Lahore, ICUs of hospitals are up to 88% full, while there is no vacancy in Services and General Hospitals, 95% of patients in Mayo Hospital and Jinnah Hospital are on ventilators, while 66% oxygen beds in private hospitals are full due to patients. Have fallen

The situation in other cities of Punjab like Rawalpindi, Gujarat and Faisalabad has also become alarming. NDMA has provided more ventilators to the Punjab government.

10 ventilators have been provided at Sargangaram Hospital, 10 at Jinnah Hospital, 14 at Mewas Hospital, 20 at Lahore General Hospital and 16 at Services Hospital.

Nishtar Hospital Multan has been given 18 ventilators, DHQ Faisalabad 8 ventilators, DHQ Gujranwala 8 ventilators, installation of ventilators in 11 teaching hospitals has been started.

According to the NCOC, 67 deaths occurred in one day, with the highest death toll being 48 in Punjab, 14 in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, one in Sindh, two in Islamabad and two in Azad Kashmir.

Despite the dangerous situation in Corona, the attitudes of educated or uneducated citizens have not changed. In view of the fear of a complete lockdown in the virus, citizens say they will definitely wear masks, but the government should not impose lockdown.

The total number of deaths from Corona has risen to 14,158, 44,279 tests have been performed in the last 24 hours, the number of active cases of Corona in the country has risen to 42,384, and the number of people recovering from Corona is 593,282.

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