Bangladesh’s struggle for independence also went to jail – Modi claims


Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made another revelation which has upset historians as well. Narendra Modi says that he not only took part in the struggle for independence of Bangladesh but he has also been arrested for this reason.

According to the report of the news agency, Narendra Modi, who is in Bangladesh on a two-day visit, while addressing the 50th Independence Day celebrations of Bangladesh, said that I was 20 to 22 years old at the time of Bangladesh’s war of independence.

The yearning for independence was as much on our side as it was on the situation in East Pakistan at that time,” he said. I couldn’t sleep at night looking at the pictures.

The Indian opposition is categorically rejecting this allegation of Narendra Modi and calling it a sham, but the ruling party of India is also supporting this statement by declaring Modi to be true.

It may be recalled that Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is in Bangladesh on the occasion of Bangladesh’s Independence Day. Demonstrations and clashes are taking place in various cities of Bangladesh against Modi’s anti-Muslim policies in which so far 4 People have been killed, dozens injured and several arrested.

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