100 bank accounts of 40 sugar mafia figures frozen, several arrests


The FIA ​​froze more than 100 bank accounts of 40 key figures in the “sugar mafia” over price skepticism.

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has arrested four more people in Sindh while conducting further operations against the Chinese speculative mafia.

The FIA ​​says that the arrested accused are sugar brokers, the accused are involved in the planned sugar crisis along with the mill owners. The bank accounts of the accused have been frozen and other documents have been confiscated. Money laundering, concealment of accounts and anonymous accounts are being investigated against the accused.

On the other hand, according to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA), cases were registered against 10 major sugar mafia gangs across the country who, with the connivance of mill owners, were involved in price hikes and speculation. Billions of rupees were earned.

The FIA ​​arrested Malikabad City Group, Multan City Group, Maulvi Zaheer City Group, Malik Majid City Group, Khurram Dawai City Group, Mirza Sugar City Group, Tufail Goga City Group, Bhili City Group, Paracha City Group and Butt Sugar City Group. FIRs have been registered against key figures belonging to the party.

The suspects used to gamble for some ‘prominent sugar players’ while large-scale money laundering was also carried out in the bet.

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